How It's Played:

One word, easy. XXXopoly was designed so that your mind can be focused on sex not on rules.

Roll the dice and proceed to a sexual space. Each sexual space has a sexual act. Acts range from foreplay fun to hardcore intercourse. Whenever your partner lands on a sexual space you own, they perform that specific sexual act on you. You can either perform the sexual act, or pay a fine to get out of it. The game is that simple.

Giving someone an orgasm is just as pleasureable as having one yourself. thats why XXXopoly includes Hot and Heavy and Erotic Chest cards. These cards range from object play, to role play, to kama sutra positions to bring you to new sexual realms.

Finger someone, tongue someone, tease someone, longer and harder by purchasing time chips from the bank. Each time chip increases the time of the action on the sexual space of your choice throughout the entire game.

Finally, look for the specially marked spaces around the board: strip teases, red light districts, even an S&M chamber. You are guaranteed to get laid every time you play!